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Massage Therapy Techniques offered at the Parry Sound Massage Therapy Clinic cover a wide range of the latest innovations in muscle tissue restoration. Some of these techniques include:

Swedish Massage

This is a technique applied in a rhythmical and repetitive manner to increase blood flow to the muscles to allow for an increase in the range of motion to remove tightness and stiffness from the muscles in order to decrease pain.

MATRIX Repatterning

This is a breakthrough method of correcting injury and eliminating pain or discomfort by treating structural imbalances at the molecular level. Every injury leaves an electronic fingerprint or memory in our body at a cellular/molecular level. Certified practitioners precisely detect where the body is holding the most restriction, which is an indicator of previous and current injuries, even if the patient may have forgotten them. Then, using the gentle manual pressure, they are able to unravel deep layers of tension, resulting in lasting relief of tension and pain.


As the word implies, this process involves the use of water in any of its forms (ice, liquid or steam) to aid in the preparation of the tissues before a treatment or after a treatment to decrease stiffness. For example, using heated water the warmth allows the tissue to become flexible and increase circulation throughout the body.

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment entails utilizing basalt lava stones in the therapists hands to allow the heat of the stones to penetrate into the soft tissues and the joints of the body faster and more effectively to loosen all the structures needing treatment. By increasing circulation with the aid of the heat it allows the therapist to speed the healing process by increasing range of motion as heat loosens the soft tissue.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

We provide assistance to relieve the discomfort of the mom-to-be. As the woman’s body changes rapidly during this time massage helps to ease the muscle tension and fatigue. Postnatal (after the baby) treatments are also offered for mom and baby. We educate Mom in correct posture to reduce the potential muscle discomfort while feeding and caring for her baby as well as effective soothing treatments to assist in calming her upset baby through their transition into a new world.

Deep Tissue Massage

A technique focusing on restoring the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this technique involves slower strokes with firm pressure relieving suppressed muscle tension and increasing blood flow to maintain proper tissue health.

What Qualifications are required to be a Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)?

Massage therapists complete 2200 hours of training in the areas of anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, neurology, hydrotherapy, remedial exercise and treatment of medically related conditions, including clinical experience under RMT supervision.

Upon graduation from a Ministry of Education and Training approved massage school the student has to pass the Government Registration Examinations, become a member of the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario, and register under the Regulated Health Professions Act

Your assurance that the therapist is registered is that they display the certificate and photo identification complete with registration number.

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