Matrix Repatterning

“Matrix Repatterning, developed by George Roth, is a new way of understanding, assessing and treating the body – literally at the molecular level. Matrix Repatterning can restore optimum function and alleviate many painful, limiting conditions and other health problems associated with structural imbalance in the Tensegrity Matrix of the body.”

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle hands-on therapy that helps to restore the fundamental framework of the structure of the body.  Without a balanced structural framework, all function, whether it be mobility, nervous system function or organ function, can be affected.  Many therapies address some of these areas, but Matrix Repatterning addresses and corrects underlying issues that affect everything at the deepest level possible:  the cellular level.

What makes Matrix Repatterning so effective at resolving conditions, is its ability, through a precise scanning process, to find the source of the condition.  From there, gentle manual pressure is used to encourage the body to shift back into its previous, healthy state.  The body accumulates layers of injury over the course of a lifetime.  These layers bust be resolved in a priority sequence, in order to fully restore optimal function.  Forceful treatment may create further problems and only treating the symptom area, has limited and temporary effects, at best.

Every human being is a puzzle with pieces that fit perfectly together.  This allows for the body to function optimally, the way it was designed.  With injury, the pieces of that puzzle no longer fit.  That is why it is crucial, that these pieces be restored, in order for them to fit together properly and perform at an optimal level.  With appropriate treatment, at the cellular level, the body is always capable of improving, no matter how long the condition has been present.  Matrix Repatterning can help to put all of the pieces of the puzzle back into their ideal state in many cases, in order to help the body return to optimal, pain-free function.

Matrix Repatterning, since it influences the body at the cellular level, can improve overall well-being and positively affect many health problems, other than musculoskeletal conditions.  Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners are trained to address structural conditional for the whole body, however, no claims are made or implied as to the correction of non-musculoskeletal conditions.  The treatment of any non-musculoskeletal condition is based on the applicable scope of practice of your practitioner.   

This information was taken from The Matrix Institute in Newmarket, Ontario where Julie has taken her certification program.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Primary Restriction?

When our bodies sustain an injury either from an impact or strain it very quickly enters the body and is transmitted all throughout the matrix and therefore throughout the body. Our bodies are capable of dealing with mild to moderate forces by dispersing the force within the tensegrity matrix due to the elasticity of the matrix. When there is an excessive force that is sustained this causes the molecules within the matrix to change to a rigid, high energy state. During the transmission throughout the tissues the energy may become trapped within the dense structures of our body, such as water filled organs or bone. This alteration of the arrangement of molecules and the rigidity of the tissues creates what is referred to as a primary restriction.

How does the primary restriction affect me?

A primary restriction produces symptoms, such as pain, in other locations by our whole bodies being interconnected, thus allowing one site to produce a pattern of tension throughout the entire body. An example of this would be to think of your body being entirely encased in a stretchy body suit representing the matrix. If you were to have a corner pulled out from this body suit at any point the fabric would become distorted and create lines of tension originating from that pull. Our bodies work in the exact same manner. A primary restriction also has lines of tension originating from it, this tension causes the body to compensate by moving abnormally and straining in ways that it normally would not have to. This transmitted tension and resulting strain created in other parts of the body causes a lot of the pain that people experience. These symptoms therefore can be quite a ways away from the primary restriction.

What is a Scanning Hand and what is it used for?

The scanning hand affects the matrix by a phenomenon called entrainment which is explained further. One of the properties of the tensegrity matrix is that it has different electronic properties between the normal and the restricted structural states. Our bodies actually respond by changing the patterns of tension and elasticity. When this occurs it can be seen at the molecular level as an altered electro-mechanical state. The matrix goes from a neutral, flexible state to a strained, high energy state. When you place a normal electrical field (the scanning hand) over the restricted abnormal field within the primary restriction it will shift the abnormal field toward normal, this is referred to as entrainment. Entrainment occurs temporarily and allows the abnormal molecular tension to be restored to a normal state which reduces the resistance of the tissue barrier throughout the entire body.

What is an indicator and how is it used?

When using an indicator and a scanning hand to go through systematically throughout the body looking for primary restrictions our indicator would soften as a result of the entire body relaxing momentarily as we place our neutral scanning hand over the primary restriction. This allows us to determine primary restrictions throughout the entire body by observing the interaction between the tissues at the indicator and the tissues under our scanning hand.

Water Bottle Example: I want to explain something to you with the help of a water bottle… This water bottle has a specific shape that it was made with. It likes to be in this shape. If I take my hand and smash this bottle, the bottle collapses where my hand hit the bottle and has a bend in it. If I had applied a little force to this bottle it would have probably stayed the same shape as what it is supposed to look like, but with a great amount of force it changes it shape. If you look at the bottle closely and we examine where the shape is altered the most we would see that it has a very precise sharp fold where it was impacted the most. If I can locate these very specific spots in the bottle and gently apply a little pressure on either side where it is bent then it quite easily and quickly returns to the original shape. If you think about the amount of force required to create the distortion verses the amount of force required to return it to the original state it was very little. Our bodies work like this too. Our bodies have a molecular memory that we have built into us that our bodies remember exactly what shape we are supposed to be at the molecular level. Due to this memory it only requires a very little gentle pressure or coaxing to release the holding patterns that occur as a result from an injury, even if the injury had a substantial amount of force behind it.

The Cellular Response to Injury; The Production of a Primary Restriction: When our bodies are asked to respond to a force of an injury it reacts by transmitting the force throughout the entire body by way of the tensegrity matrix. We are capable of dealing with mild or moderate amount of force quite easily and efficiently, but when an excessive force occurs and it reaches a specific threshold the energy is absorbed by the matrix. This causes the molecules in an area to become energized. The molecules go from having a neutral, flexible state to being stained and rigid. As the energy is transmitted throughout the body and it reaches a dense material like fluid filled organs or bone this energy can become trapped within these structures.

How are Matrix Repatterning Treatments like an onion?

To explain the possibility of an aggravation of symptoms following a MR treatment I like to use the analogy of an onion layering effect. As humans we don’t remember every little bump, bruise or fall that we have that occur over our entire lifetime, but our body does. There is an almost fingerprint like response left within the tissues of our bodies when an injury is sustained. As we are able to clear the primary restrictions in their priority sequence then it allows the next layer of the bodies tension pattern to resurface. We may have had our shoulder pain go away on it’s own and after having a matrix repatterning treatment it reoccurs because we were able to remove the layer of tension that was left after a more recent injury to our pelvis and therefore our brain no longer has to deal with the pelvic issues and the tension patterns from it and it is made aware of the shoulder injury as it’s threshold has resurfaced. We then keep going through all the layers that have been left until we reach our optimum healthy state.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie.

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